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Individual Practitioner Directory


Mental Health

Mental Health and Mental Illness: What’s the Difference?


Arts in Health

What is Arts in Health?:

Advocacy, Awareness & Access

Black Mental Health Day
A day to raise awareness about the harms of anti-Black racism on mental health in Toronto’s Black communities, and the need to action systemic change.


Speak up, Speak Now
Anti-stigma mental health awareness campaign by the Jamaican Ministry of Health and Wellness.



Pathways to Care
Pathways to Care Is a 5-year project aimed at removing barriers and improving access to
mental health and addictions services for Black children, youth and their families in 6 cities  across Ontario

Reach Out Response Network
Reach Out Response Network project invites Torontonians to build a non-police mental
health emergency service, led by clinicians and peer workers from the communities they


Advocates and Influencers

Black Health Alliance
The Black Health Alliance is a community-led registered charity working to improve the health and well-being of Black communities in Canada.

10 Black Mental Health Influencers To Follow

Black Mental Health Wellness Instagram Accounts



Access Alliance
Access Alliance provides services and addresses system inequities to improve health outcomes for the most vulnerable immigrants, refugees, and their communities.


Across Boundaries
Across Boundaries provides a dynamic range of mental health support and services and works within Anti-Racism/Anti-Black racism and Anti-Oppression frameworks. These frameworks address the negative impact of racism and discrimination on mental health and well-being.


Black Creek Community Health Centre
A non-profit community-based organization that provides health care services and programs geared to vulnerable populations living in Toronto’s North West communities.


Caribbean African Canadian Social Services (Cafcan)
Focuses on strengthening the African Canadian community through the use of psycho-social services.


Midaynta Community & Youth Services
A Somali women’s association that provides remote counselling


Regent Park Community Health Centre
Provides supportive counselling.


Rexdale Community Health Centre


Substance Abuse Program for African Canadian and Caribbean Youth (SAPACCY)
Provides support and counselling to African and Caribbean Canadian youth who are dealing with problem substance use and mental health concerns.


Taibu Community Health Centre
Focuses on Black mental health and wellbeing.


Tropicana Community Services
Tropicana Community Services, a Toronto-based multi-service organization,provides all youth, newcomers, people of Black and Caribbean heritage and others in need with opportunities and alternatives that lead to success and positive life choices.


Warden Woods Community Centre
Has a COVID-19 support line.


Women’s  in  Health in Women’s Hands Community Health Centre
A community centre for racialized women in Toronto.


Zero Gun Violence Movement
Provides youth and community leaders with the skills to mobilize and create safe and healthy communities.



Community Collectives (Canada)

The Most Nurtured
Community-based holistic wellness in Toronto, created by and for Black women to become the most nurtured versions of themselves.


The Villij
A wellness community creating inclusive, accessible and nurturing spaces for women of colour to connect, heal and expand.


The Well Collective
A gathering place for communities, to nourish oneself and each other, and to mutually build wellness for all, by all.



Community Collectives (United States)

BEAM Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective
Based in Los Angeles, California, BEAM is a collective of advocates, yoga teachers, artists, therapists, lawyers, religious leaders, teachers, psychologists and activists committed to the emotional/mental health and healing of Black communities.



Practitioner Directories

While directories may feature listings for practitioners in a particular geographical area, many practitioners offer their services nationally and internationally online.


Affordable Therapy Network of Ontario
A Directory of Therapists who offer Low-Cost and Sliding Scale fees


Black Virtual Wellness Directory
Based in the United States,  this is BEAM Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective’s State by State practitioner directory. Find a Virtual Black therapist, doula, yoga teacher, mediator and more.


Psychology Today Directory
Find detailed listings for Black mental health professionals, treatment centres or support groups.


Therapy for Black Girls Directory
Directory of therapists in Canada and the United States by Therapy for Black Girls. Therapy for Black Girls is an online space dedicated to encouraging the mental wellness of Black women and girls.


Cultural Health & Wellness Directory
Recovering resilience and building the capacity of cultural practitioners to service African American, Indigenous and people of color communities.Features practitioners and training opportunities for practitioners. Based in Minnesota.



Support Groups

BIPOC Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour Peer Support Group
A peer support group for individuals identifying as a person of colour. This is a respectful and safe space to discuss mental health challenges, as they relate to the complex identities and experiences of racial minorities in Ontario.


Across Boundaries Support Groups

Peer Support
Across Boundaries provides a safe, non-judgemental space where clients can access and practice their leadership skills by volunteering to facilitate the discussion. Participants share experiences, give feedback and provide support to each other. Support members exchange stories of coping whether it is related to issues of mental health or racialization. The true value of this group is in the sharing, discovery and understanding that there are ways to overcome adversity.

Men’s Group
In this group, 8-12 men are led by a male therapist. The facilitator encourages discussion of barriers in the health care system and strategies to overcome them.  Sexism and other individual and systemic issues that impact their mental health are discussed.

Women’s Group
Women in the group share their experiences, gain support and learn effective coping skills from each other and strategize on how to overcome barriers in the health system.




Race, Health & Happiness
Join Dr. Onye Nnorom, a Public Health Physician Specialist in Toronto, as she interviews guests who are overcoming the obstacles of overt and institutionalized racism to achieve their professional goals while creating healthy and fulfilling lives.

The Therapy for Black Girls Podcast
The Therapy for Black Girls Podcast is a weekly conversation with Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, a licensed Psychologist in Atlanta, Georgia, about all things mental health, personal development, and change.



Being Black In Canada
Being Black in Canada
Join Dr. Onye Nnorom, a Public Health Physician Specialist in Toronto, as she interviews guests who are overcoming the obstacles of overt and institutionalized racism to achieve their professional goals while creating healthy and fulfilling lives.


Visual Art

Mental Health in Black Art
Mental Health In Black Art

5 Black Artists Using Their Work to Fight Mental Health Stigma
Black Mental Health Art


General Resources

DIY Mental Health Checkup
Do You Need A Mental Health Checkup

Insurance and Therapy
What You Need To Know Before You See A Therapist



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