I’m a visual artist, passionate guide and leader in arts in health.

For over 20 years I have been creating unique and uplifting experiences that support personal growth and community wellbeing through art-making and creative exploration.

This very gratifying work has allowed me the immense privilege of being a trusted guide to individuals and groups, as they grow, change and ultimately explore their capacity to be fully present in the Here and Now.

I can think of no place I’d rather be, and no work I’d rather do.

As an artist, I’ve exhibited my work internationally, illustrated children’s books and lead the development of community murals across the city. I studied drawing and painting at the renowned OCAD, art education at Concordia University, and Gestalt psychotherapy at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto.

On my own, I’ve dedicated years to researching academic studies on wellness; historical impacts on the Black body/mind; and the effective use of art and mindfulness techniques in group facilitation.

All of this research is weighed and measured against my own lived experience as a Black woman in North America, as well as the experiences of my friends, family and the communities I serve.

This work is very much rooted in what’s real-world effective and transformative.

You leave not only with accessible tools for self-repair, but with tools for reviving your best self and returning to the path of thriving.

“The rich, Sacred Griot of our heritage lives within her. She moves authentically in spaces to support and challenge participants to unveil their personal her/histories in a space that is safe and welcoming. I would ask Belinda back a thousand times.”

Crystal Perryman Marks MSW
Consultant, writer and educator on anti-racism and equity, Toronto Metropolitan University

About Arts in Health

Arts in Health is an evolving field that nurtures collaboration between cultural practitioners and healthcare professionals.

Through innovative art-based programs and services, we significantly contribute to individual and community health by:

  • Reducing pharmaceutical usage and associated costs and complications.
  • Alleviating tension and fear during medical procedures.
  • Enhancing the efficiency and success rates of medical procedures.
  • Managing persistent pain and chronic health conditions, including mental health challenges.

Benefits for Healthcare Workers

When offered to healthcare workers in healthcare facilities, Arts in Health has been shown to:

  • Reduce stress and burnout, improving working conditions for health care workers.
  • Improve communication between medical staff and patients, as well as among staff members.
  • Foster insight and compassion on the part of healthcare professionals when arts are incorporated into healthcare training.

Addressing Health Equity and Access

Arts in Health plays a vital role in promoting health equity and access by:

  • Accessibility: Providing inclusive and accessible interventions that centralize marginalized communities and those facing barriers to traditional healthcare.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Tailoring programs to reflect diverse cultural backgrounds, ensuring relevance and resonance with communities’ unique health needs and beliefs.
  • Empowerment: Offering opportunities for self-expression and empowerment, particularly among marginalized populations, fostering agency and autonomy in managing health.
  • Community Building: Developing social connections and support networks through creative experiences, strengthening social cohesion and resilience within communities.
  • Addressing Social Drivers: Tackling underlying social determinants of health such as poverty and education through education, advocacy, and community development alongside healthcare services.

As an arts in health practitioner, I’m committed to harnessing creative experiences to improve health outcomes while addressing health equity and improving access.

If your organization is keen on implementing innovative arts-based initiatives that enhance community health and well-being, let’s talk!