For You

Creative Keys To Healing

All the stresses and strains you bear daily are not your birthright. And you know that too much time living near your breaking point is dangerous for you and your loved ones.

Learn how to name and liberate yourself from the weight of what you’re experiencing. Through cultivating a personal practice of creativity, you can acknowledge pain, honour insight and return to the confident pursuit of your vision with an improved sense of wellbeing.

For Yours


So many of us know or live with a family member, partner or close friend in mental distress. Do you feel the call to help in your spirit, even if not explicitly requested?

This workshop series is designed to teach you what that person may be going through, and how to offer and guide a proven, gentle pathway to recovery. Your proximity and concern makes you vulnerable as well, so this program is a salve and re-balance for you, too.

For Us

Healing & Resilience

Community-based organizations at every level across North America are awakening to the need for effective and satisfying wellness programs for their local Black communities, as well as internally, for staff and volunteers.

Do you need planning support and knowledgeable input to implement a new program or improve the quality of an existing program? We can work together to co-create appropriate arts in health programming.

Belinda is warm, professional, attentive and creative, and with minimal direction was able to craft an experience even beyond what I envisioned for the participants of our weekend retreat. The activities she developed were particularly valuable in their ability to engage participants that may have different learning styles and levels of comfort. She accomplished this by effectively combining arts-based talk, movement, small group, large group and paired exercises to creatively engage participants in the subject of loving the Self.

Marie-Jolie Rwigema
Ph.D, MSW, post-doctoral researcher, Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a variety of client organizations including